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The Hackathon (2022) is a hands-on event that encourages young students to get involved in the world of coding. We hear from guest speakers and Tech companies, create amazing projects with assistance from your own college mentor, and much more. Students will learn to create a practical and technological solution to solve a challenge using code!


The 2022 Hackathon was our first ever Hackathon! The challenge was to code a PSA (Public Service Announcement) for your assigned topic. Kids got to hear from numerous amazing guest speakers, and work with UCSB students. The winner received an Oculus Quest 2 VR headset.

Photo 2022-02-08 12.06.45 PM.jpg

1st Place: Alex Gardiner (9th grade)
2nd Place: Max Mazin (7th grade)
3rd Place (Tie!): Elaine Hu (7th grade) & Sean Nguyen (8th grade)
Honorable Mentions: Ruby Heinrich-Linthicum (9th grade) & Sinjin Mongold (7th grade)

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Guest Speakers:

Nathalie Guebels - Assistant Professor of computer Science at SBCC

Vicki Ben-Yaacov - Founder of Youth Innovation Club

Cat Allday - President of Artificial Intelligence Initiative at AppFolio

Mika Silverman - Founder of Good Space Coworking

Mieko Kusano - Founder of Mameko LLC

Paula Heu - Vice President at Innovative III-V Solutions

Tsatsa Battsengel - Senior research scientist at Dow Chemical Company

Chad Spensky - Founder and CEO of Allthenticaate


Our Amazing Sponsors!

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