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The 2022 Hackathon was our first ever Hackathon! The challenge was to code a PSA (Public Service Announcement) for your assigned topic. Kids got to hear from numerous amazing guest speakers, and work with UCSB students. The winner received an Oculus Quest 2 VR headset.

Photo 2022-02-08 12.06.45 PM.jpg

1st Place: Alex Gardiner (9th grade)
2nd Place: Max Mazin (7th grade)
3rd Place (Tie!): Elaine Hu (7th grade) & Sean Nguyen (8th grade)
Honorable Mentions: Ruby Heinrich-Linthicum (9th grade) & Sinjin Mongold (7th grade)

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Guest Speakers:

Nathalie Guebels - Assistant Professor of computer Science at SBCC

Vicki Ben-Yaacov - Founder of Youth Innovation Club

Cat Allday - President of Artificial Intelligence Initiative at AppFolio

Mika Silverman - Founder of Good Space Coworking

Mieko Kusano - Founder of Mameko LLC

Paula Heu - Vice President at Innovative III-V Solutions

Tsatsa Battsengel - Senior research scientist at Dow Chemical Company

Chad Spensky - Founder and CEO of Allthenticaate

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